HULKs Bootcamp

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Test Your Skills

Here are two example tasks that represent simplified versions of typical problems we face. We encourage you to team up with a friend to try and solve these tasks, but, of course, you can also solve them on your own. It is not mandatory to solve these tasks in order to become a HULKs member, but it is a good exercise to test your skills and find out if you are interested in becoming a HULK.

In these tasks, you will find embedded code editors but you might want to copy & paste the code to a local editor of your choice for convenience and as backup, so you don't lose your code when reloading the website.

If you choose to work in a team, you might want to work in the same "room" (i.e. use the same "room name" in the URL). This enables all of your team members to edit the same files and see the same results. In order to use the same room, one of your team members opens the task website and shares the URL with the remaining team members. Working in the same room, of course, requires some coordination so that you don't overwrite each other's changes simultaneously. Also, do not forget to copy your code and save it locally (i.e. on your own computer) before the last person in your group leaves the room. Otherwise, your code will be lost.

Get In Touch

If you are interested and want to participate, you should get in touch with us. Just use the HULKs Bootcamp Telegram invite-link below and write us a short message or ask any question you have (including questions about the example tasks).

Equip Your Toolbox

Like many professional software developers, we use Linux and our toolchain currently does not fully work on Windows or MacOS. In order to facilitate coding in a large team, we use Git and GitHub which helps to avoid conflicts and keeps versioning clean. As programming languages we use C++ for the code that runs on our NAO robots, and for tooling we mainly use Python. The links below are supposed to help you get the knowledge and skills you will need when working with the HULKs. Check some of them out if you want to learn more about these topics.

Links below, withlock, will only be accessible once we have added your GitHub account to our team.





Specification of our robots

What a real HULK does

After setting up the basics, the real task of programming autonomous soccer robots can begin.